How can you leverage your thesis to set the foundation for your short, mid, and long-term goals?
Creating a thesis project that will set the foundation of my short, mid, and long term goals will help me open the next chapter of my career. I will use my thesis to showcase my abilities as well as show off what I can bring to the table for future opportunities.

If your goals involve additional education or professional experience (masters, internship, certifications, etc.), consider what that would entail and how long they would take to obtain. 
My goal is to never stop learning, regardless of what educational certification I have received. Obtaining my BFA in the spring marks an accomplishment I have set out for myself. After I obtain it, I am prepared to continue my education by doing internships, finding mentors, and learning the updated technologies along the way. Everyday there are new challenges and discoveries that I intend to stay up to date on so that I am ahead of the game on my techniques and hopefully leading the industries with my designs.

If you need advice (and you will), consider reaching out to a professional contact and establishing a mentor-mentee relationship. A mentor could be an experienced coworker, a previous employer, or someone you do not currently know. 
Building a strong foundation of mentors will be an asset to obtaining my goals. I find that I learn a lot from the people surrounding me that have the experience and knowledge I lack. It’s important to build relationships with people in the career field you are interested it, in order to gain insight. 

If you need to build your skillset, how can you utilize your thesis and continue to learn after graduation? Sometimes it might not be immediately evident as to how you’ll use a new skill. For example, if you can improve your communication and public speaking skills. Not only would developing your public speaking skills build a short-term skill such as confidence, but it may also help achieve a long-term goal such as being in a position of leadership at an organization by developing the ability to communicate effectively and speak to large groups.
I plan to use my thesis as a platform to showcase my skillsets all while maintaining an open-mind to new discoveries about myself as a person as well as my career goals. Pushing boundaries while allowing myself to be vulnerable will allow me to gain the experience I seek in order to better myself and designs.

Specify the known obstacles that stand between you and reaching your short, mid, and longterm goals.  
Time is my main obstacle. I work 40 hours a week, go to school full time, have a husband, two step kids, and two Siberian huskies that demand my attention on a daily basis. Creating a timeline and planning my daily, weekly, and monthly schedule will be the key factor in achieving my goals.

• Library
• Museums
• Mentors
• Family & Friends
• The general public

Short-Term Goals:
• Focus on what I projects I have due weekly.
• Keep on top of assignments due.
• Study and pass all exams.
• Refine my portfolio and resume.
• Receive full credit on assignments.
• Learn a new language.
• Decide on a Thesis question
• Begin research on Thesis question

Mid-Term Goals:
• Complete qualitative and quantitative research.
• Have a better understanding of what direction I want my Thesis to go.
• Refine my portfolio and resume.
• Obtain my BFA.
• Practice Spanish.
• Internship with a motion graphics agency.
• Apply for motion graphic/ and or UX design positions.
• Work on more freelance work to gain experience.

Long-Term Goals:
• Have 1-3 years of design experience.
• Motion design artist for a reputable firm.
• Discover new ways to design and push boundaries.
• Experience as a UX designer.
• Open my own design agency.
• Learn how to code and build software.
• Fluent in Spanish.
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