With technology booming, we have been exposed to the rapid transformation of social media and allowed it to take over the lives of many of us. When we sit down for dinner, we take a picture before we eat or when we go visit places we need a selfie to prove it happened. Social media has young adolescents growing up thinking it is the norm and we have all become unaware of how much damage it is causing. Teens are starting to base their beauty on how many "likes” they receive and compare themselves to others based on someone else's snapshot of a perfect life. Because social media highlights every good thing about a person's life, it’s beginning to harm the psyche of teens because they are watching the perfect lives of others and wondering why their life doesn't reflect what they see on social media. But in reality, life is not perfect. 
How can a graphic design artist bring awareness to the issue and create a solution to help solve and break the cycle of mental illness in teens due to social media? 
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