My top 5 values and what they mean to me:

1.) Faith
Faith to me is believing in God based on spiritual apprehension. Having complete trust and confidence in God. 
2.) Family
I value family because no matter where you go or what happens in your life, no matter the circumstances family will always be there to support you. They are your rock and foundation and having a solid support system is key to being successful.
3.) Love
Love means everything to me, it directs my relationships (friends, family, co-workers) and helps keep my heart and mind focused on the positive things that life has to offer. If you have love you have passion which I believe is something you have to possess to fulfill a successful career. 
4.) Adventure
Adventure is taking risks, exploring the unknown, and it’s exciting. This value is important to me because it allows me to explore things I could have never imagined. It gives me experience that allow me to grow stronger as a person. 
5.) Optimism 
Optimism is seeing the bright side to everything. Seeing the positive in tough situations. Being optimistic, creates new opportunities because it allows your mind to stay open to new strategies that you wouldn’t experience if you were pessimistic.
If I had to chose only two values from the list, I would chose Faith & Family. These two values are the most important to me and my success because they create the foundation of my life. They have molded me into the person I am today and helped my realize what I am passionate about. These values have so many sub values that can fit under them as-well for instance a family brings love and adventure which are also important to me.

Passions and goals
What would I do with my life if money weren't an issue?
If money weren’t an issue, I would make sure my family was taken care of as well as other people who are in need. 
What are my favorite activities?
My favorite activities are hiking, road trips, traveling, designing, and trivia.
What type of people am I drawn to?
I am drawn to people who are positive and enjoy life. People who are spontaneous and up for an adventure at any moment of the day.
What kind of stories in the news always capture my interest?
Anything that is about someone helping someone in need as well as stories about new discoveries.

Passions and day-to-day activities
Passion #1: Traveling
• Seeing new things and exploring places that I am not used to seeing on a daily basis.
• Meeting new people and learning about their culture.
• Making memories that will last a lifetime.
Passion #2: Designing
• I enjoy taking a concept and turning it into artwork. 
• Solving design strategies to create a design that will work for whatever the objectives were specifically.
• Being able to express myself in a way where you don’t have to explain yourself because the design says it all. 

What has been important to you while pursuing your degree? 
The most important thing to me while pursuing my degree would be soaking up all the critiques from my professors and peers so that I can apply them to my professional career once I complete school. Remembering critiques, allows me to adapt and make my designs stronger.
Who is on this educational journey with you?
My family is on my educational journey with me because they have supported me and dealt with all the late nights and crazy moods school has put me in. 
What are you doing that fuels your passion?
I work on freelance designs to fuel my passion, as well as design other things like home projects.
What are you working toward, and/or what have you accomplished that gives you a sense of purpose? 
I am working towards becoming a motion designer. I would like to either make short films or add motion effects to movies and/or commercials.
Where are you headed after graduation?
I hope to land a motion design job after I graduate.

Short-term is within the next year.
Complete my required classes with an “A”
Mid-term is within the next one to two years.
I plan to apply for an Intern motion designer and then land a job in the motion design field after it is complete..
Long-term is within the next three to five years.
My goal is to have worked as a motion designer and gain experience so that I can move up within the company.

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