Mission statements are a great way to determine which direction you are heading in your career or as a company. It’s a good way to allow people to remember who and what you represent as well as help align your goals and aspirations. As I begin to narrow down my mission statement, I find that it is important to write down my values, goals, and purpose and take a deeper dive into what I want my statement to accomplish.
Identify core values.
Keeping in touch with your values is a key ingredient to having success in life. My main values when it comes to my career are honesty, respect, integrity, creativity, determination, and simplicity.
Making a difference in the community and for future clients is one of my daily aspirations. Being generous and compassionate to others can make a huge difference in this world. As it relates to clients, I believe giving my efforts into a project 100% can make a huge impact on the results, putting the clients needs first, and showing them how much I value them by taking the extra time to make sure their needs are being met will be key to my future success. Being honest and respecting the customer's needs is one of my main goals.
Identify goals.
If I had to create a mission statement based on those aspects some ideas I would come up with are: 
–– Simply creating innovative motion designs with honesty and respect.
Once I graduate I intend to design compelling motion graphics that will demand the attention of the viewers.
Users: Who, specifically, is your design services for? 
Businesses that have a motion platform to help advertise their business or grab the attention of their audience. For a movie or commercial companies who want to add digital design or motion to, they’re videos.
Purpose: For whom? What problem or pain-point does your design practice/approach intend to solve? What difference will it make in the world? (Don't just stop at the first answer to this question! Ask, "Why?" five more times to drill down to a deeper purpose that both you and your customers and colleagues will connect with.)
1— technology-savvy users
2— Motion gives designs a new power through movements
3— Reach a larger demographic
4— Create compelling designs 
5— Accessible Motion Designs for users with disabilities
Differentiation: How will your design services solve that problem or pain point better than the current solutions and designers?
By using motion graphics, it will grab the attention of the viewer, give their designs the extra boost they need to appeal to their audience and reach a bigger audience by being able to stream the designs online.
Value: How will your design services make the client's business and lives better? What benefits and results will it deliver?
Reach a different demographic—people who can’t see but can hear or people who can’t hear but can only see.
Persuasive visuals/ catchy designs by visual appeal to promote business strongly/ Creates an impression by the motion flow, color, balance, etc./ ability to intermingle styles of designs to go along with a theme/ Simplify a complex message.
The end goal is to create a design that can reach multiple audiences and bring new consumers to the specific business. 
Create compelling designs that demand the attention of consumers while successfully using a minimalistic approach to the designs.
Mission Statement Ideas:
–– Creating motion graphics that demand an audience.
–– Bring simplicity to complex concepts.
–– Imprinting Positive Motion Impressions For Everyone.

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